Chris Rosenthal

Chris D Rosenthal – President/Portfolio Manager at Municipal Portfolio Managers, Inc.

Chris Rosenthal (UBS)

Chris Rosenthal (UBS) has played a significant role in the development of different relationship and project management tasks throughout his wide-ranging experience. He possesses extraordinary project management skills by means of which he manages a number of expertise at the same time.

Chris D Rosenthal has the ability to cultivate and cherish the growth his team members and strengthen their abilities by offering them different opportunities. He has incomparable communication and management skills.

Chris Rosenthal (UBS) is a sharp-minded, inventive, reliable and goal oriented individual who has an outstanding sense of collaboration with the ability to get consequences by imparting commitment, trust, loyalty, and fairness.

Chris D Rosenthal is known for his core skill areas that include new business development, portfolio review, extension swaps, relationship management, bond selection, fixed income sales, portfolio construction etc.

Chris D Rosenthal is presently working at Municipal Portfolio Managers, Inc., as President, Portfolio Manager, Head Traders. He has the teamwork abilities through which he collaborates with and supervises a team of five professionals in handling 135+ separately managed municipal bond accounts.


Chris Rosenthal (UBS) is available to offer consultation in the following areas:

  • New Business Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Bond Allocation
  • Project Management


Chris D Rosenthal is available to shed light on the several aspects of New Business Development, Relationship Management, Portfolio Construction, Bond Allocation, Project Management, Portfolio Review, Bond Selection, Identifying Trends, Tax Swaps, Credit Swaps, Extension Swaps, and Fixed Income Sales etc. He is also available to talk about relative value.